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Copy of CBDW (8).png

1. Find the section you'd like to purchase by locating it on the map.

2. Each section is attached to a specific reserved section package.

(For example section #5 is a Trapper of the Year Section)

3. Once you have determined the section you'd like to purchase, return to the tickets page, click the reserved section product.

4. Once you are on the reserved section product page you will click the drop down menu to the right and choose the # section you'd like to purchase.

5. Before you check out, be sure to fill in the "ADD NOTE" section with your bottle selections. (For example if you purchased a section that comes with 3 bottles, you will fill in the "add note" section with the types of bottle you want, i.e, Ciroc, Casa Migo, Moet)

This map reflects the seating arrangements for RESERVED SECTIONS.

Please refer to this map when selecting your reserved section.


Once your section is selected and paid for your reserved section can not re-located. 

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